Friday, January 28, 2011

Your friends are advertisements

And if you're worried about whether or not they're increasing brand lift and ad recall, don't worry: they really are.

Compare what these people are very excited about with what the guy in the red shirt in the post below is very excited about.


Randal Graves said...

You're reading way too much into this. Red shirt dude was obviously bummed that Starbucks was closed.

Bolo said...

I find the gentle strumming guitar and the whole "we're bringing people together to do good stuff, dude!" vibe of the ad to be very funny, given the subject matter.

Walter Wit Man said...

Bah. What gobbledegook. I've heard this jumbled ad speak from the web2.0 geeks before. It's like the online adverstisers are trained to say a lot while saying nothing.

They had a whole team come up with a thumbs up feature for corporations? WTF? Some trailblazing stuff going on there. Plus, I seriously doubt the engineers were excited about this project as the woman says. Hasn't the thumb up thing been around for a while?

Walter Wit Man said...

And when I write WTF of course I mean "Way To the Future."

Obama should give these guys a tax break.

Ethan said...

Randal, no way would riot police stand between the paying public and a Starbucks.

Bolo, Walter, yeah, it's really a masterpiece of the genre, isn't it?

I'm wondering how sophisticated the algorithm is. Like, if I updated my status (this is assuming I was on Facebook, which dear Christ am I not) with something about Starbucks's exploitive labor policies in harvesting their coffee beans, say, would Starbucks then automatically pay Facebook to promote that message?