Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So much snow the weather channel doesn't know what to do about it!

I've just been informed that what's happening now, which I would describe as "very much snow," is just the front of the storm that's not even supposed to really hit for real until sometime around 9:00.

I love it! I mean, even aside from how beautiful it is, it makes things, at least temporarily, to grind to a halt. As it should.

If you're in a similarly snowy clime, and you have the opportunity, allow it to force you to take some time to slow down. That's my advice.


Randal Graves said...

When the GNP grinds to a halt, don't come crying to me.

Ohio used to have five snow days for school, now it's three because of course kids can't learn anything at home, they just play Call of Duty 2.

I'm glad to see it being an issue, but like all issues, the language is economic.

Jack Crow said...

This is cutting into my "keep the kids home randomly" whenever I feel like it agenda.

At this rate, the school district poombahs will be begging their state counterparts for permission to haul the chilluns into class well into July.

And then there's the snow. The fucking snow. I'm a lifelong yank, so s'all good and it scares the southronnies away. Plus, what you mention. Shit grinding to a halt and stuff.

But, damn it if I don't know right now that all this fucking snow is going to melt, evaporate and come down as this March-April's new New England monsoon season.

I'm really starting to develop a personal hate for mold.

Bolo said...

I flew out of DC just before the snow hit today and am in Houston all day tomorrow. I would have liked to see the snow and experience the slow down, but I think it'll be cleared up before I get back. Phooey.

Ethan said...

Randal, I was going to say that I would rather have kids playing Call of Duty than going to school, but then I remembered that the controls of video games and the controls of military vehicles are deliberately designed the same way, so I don't know which I'd prefer, actually. Dammit. At least I know where the GNP can best be shoved.

Maybe if keeping kids in school after the end of the standard school year is so damn expensive, we should rethink one or both of the following: a) school b) money.

Jack, that was quite the emotional rollercoaster of a comment. "Oh, that sucks. Yeah, awesome! Oh, that sucks. Yeah, awesome!" And, fuck, the new monsoon season. Fuck the new monsoon season.

Bolo, tough luck. Hope you weren't subjected to the sexual assault/carcinogen dichotomy on your trip.

Bolo said...

Ethan: Nope, DCA and Houston Hobby both just had "old-fashioned" metal detectors. Nothing fancy, and I wasn't groped by any over-eager employees.

I'm back in DC now and its snowing outside. Won't accumulate, but at least I get to watch it!

Ethan said...

Glad to hear it, both parts.