Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tasteless, perhaps

but it's what I thought of.

From what I can gather, it's not really known yet how serious Rep. Giffords' injuries are, but the various news outlets are reporting that she's "in surgery."

What I imagine won't ever be reported on is whether, and to what extent, her treatment was prioritized over that of the others injured and killed at the same time.


BDR said...

Shit, my first thought was to offer a pint to the first person who finds a prominent Rightwing blog that claims this was an Obama wetwork to discredit Tea-Partiers.

Jack Crow said...


Read the Hannity forums. You'll find plenty there. Also, take a scrub brush to clean the poison out of your non-existent soul, afterward.

Ethan said...

Hah, well, I thought about suggesting it myself. Semi-serious.

Ethan said...

Maybe a little less than semi-.

BDR said...

Well, it was meant to be more self-mocking than it came off. A first draft of what I was working on when I typed the comment:

"Two years into my obamapostasy, my disassociation from and disgust with the Democratic Party and the professional Left, my first thoughts serve as a reminder that abandoning beliefs is not abandoning their rituals and training. Of course I assumed the shooter - as I type this sentence nothing but his name and that he's a white male in his 20s is known - is a cracker, a christer. The blogroll to the right is updating with others drawing the same fast conclusion. I'm more certain that we are fulfilling our stereotypical roles than the shooter was fulfilling the stereotypical role we'd assign him."

Of course the shooter may have had entirely non-political motives. That doesn't mean all teams won't jump and assume their respective positions and assign their political perspective regardless the ultimate discovery of the shooter's motives.

As for my soul, I appreciate - truly - your concern.

BDR said...

Adding, what this guy says.

Ethan said...

BDR, agreed, both with you and with MJS. I'm doing the same, of course, though in my defense I'm at least not focusing it on the shooter, who I know nothing about.

And I can't be sure because I'm not Jack, but I don't think he was criticizing the current state of your soul; I think he was warning you of what might happen to it if you read too much of the Hannity forums.