Thursday, January 13, 2011


Still working through a huge backlog of links I started accumulating before Christmas. This one came from Richard at some point, possibly not on his blog itself but I don't recall exactly.

Ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise, say hello to the Walled World.

Sometimes, all the knowledge you have about The Way Things Work in the world isn't enough to prepare you for a simple visual representation of that knowledge. This, for me, was one of those times. For me, and for most anyone who will follow the link from here, this map will not reveal much in the way of new information, but seeing it presented so starkly may still startle some as it did me.

(Obviously there are complexities the map does not cover; provoking thought about these complexities is one of the things the map is good for.)


Jack Crow said...

Louise Marley explores this concept fairly well, in a speculative fashion, in her novel, "The Maquisarde."

Good to see the conceptualization getting faster legs.

Randal Graves said...

All these 86 percenters need to do is get a few utility belts, hike over the wall and join in the fun. Not like any rich nation would ever invade in retaliation. Sheesh.

Ethan said...

Jack, thanks for the tip--I've added Marley's book to my (terribly, terribly long) list.

Randal, I'm having trouble coming up with a joke come-back that actually sounds like a joke...