Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I have not been following and, knowing me, will probably not start at this point

1. The fucking State of the Union. I'm more than OK with this. The rest of this list I need to remedy.

2. The Georgia prison strike. Have not seen anything about it in a while. I assume it's over by now, but what happened afterwards?

3. Tunisia and Egypt. Seems like people are being incredible, though!

4. The Palestine Papers.

5. Haiti. Some crazy-ass shit going down there.


Justin said...

Palestinian Papers is pretty illuminating. Here, for instance, is Condi Rice suggesting that they relocate Palestinians to South Africa.

Ethan said...

Whoa! What a great idea!

Maybe in a few decades, the South African Palestinians could be what the Israeli Jews are today. And then we could move the South Africans, white and black alike, to, I don't know, Korea, where they could unite in being what the South African Palestinians became. It's like the circle of life, except the opposite.