Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Valedictorian speaks out against schooling

Via Mel at some point either on her blog or her very valuable twitter stream (seriously, she posts awesome links at a rate almost competitive with BDR), I came across this wonderful video:

If you don't feel like watching it (the video and audio are not the best quality, and, as she points out in the video description, her quite understandable nervousness interferes with her delivery in ways that might bug some people) or are hearing impaired, she has posted a transcript on her blog.

Hope may be the leash of submission, but sometimes it feels good anyway.


Randal Graves said...

Fucking fantastic & for a nanosecond, I was almost hopeful. Then I remembered that the machine will chew her up & spit her out, too. Heh.

We've had this stuff beat into our heads for so long, I still find myself cringing a bit when one of my kids brings home a bad grade in a class that they'll never ever ever use (i.e. chemistry), but then I remember that they're pretty sharp folks regardless of scores & I feel better.

Hopefully, if they have kids, this tendency won't appear at all in them like it occasionally does with their dad.

Ethan said...

Then I remembered that the machine will chew her up & spit her out, too

You may be right, but judging from her blog, so far she's doing a great job not letting it. She tried out a semester of college, found it as empty as she expected, and now she's on the road doing as she pleases. Sounds wonderful.

Those tendencies? One of the trillion reasons why I should not have kids.