Monday, January 10, 2011

Hack hack hack

Little Digby, spin and spin:
The intertubes are screeching with right wingers insisting that despite his obvious mental problems, anti-government rhetoric and Paulite goldbug obsessions, the fact that he cited "To Kill A Mockingbird" "The Communist Manifesto" and "Main Kampf" means that Jared Loughner is a left winger.

Let's just say that we don't really know much right now and anything's possible, but the fact that he shot a Democratic congresswoman in the head argues just a little bit against that interpretation. It's not as if there aren't any right wingers in Arizona.
(As always with semi-literate diggles, apply [sic]s as needed, because I didn't bother checking)

Digby is of course one of the most absolutely incompetent writers in the world, completely independent of her status as one of the most absolutely incompetent thinkers in the world, but I like how she implicitly poo-poohs, here, the suggestion that "despite his obvious mental problems...Jared Loughner is a left winger." Deliberate? Or the result of shit writing? Who can tell?

The idea that hating a democrat enough to try to kill her makes you a "right winger" is of course too ludicrous to even discuss. Barring unforeseen developments after the collapse of civilization, I will never kill a human being as long as I live, but the dems piss me off at least as much, often more than, the repubs. I don't think I'm exactly a left winger, but I am certainly not a right winger. However those useless terms happen to be defined at this moment.

As I've said before, being a partisan hack makes you completely unable to understand why anybody does anything, let alone anything else in the world. When everything has to fit into a demsaregood rethugsarevil mold, you have to do a lot of awkward shoving and cramming.

(As far as what she's responding to, I also love the definition of identity based on commodities--in this case books--consumed.)


Ethan said...


The instant the bullet left the gun, digby was shrieking about right wing rhetorical excesses. Now that the guy says he's read the Gospel According to Harper Lee, "we don't really know much right now." Hack, hack, freakin' hack, it's fun to say, hack hack hack.

peter ward said...

Perhaps its worth pointing out the way any action assumed to be a political action is interprited as being for party X against party Y. And anyway, it apparent what ever was going on in Jered's head the shooting was far from a straightforward political assasination attempt.

Hattie said...

I guess fascism doesn't bother you, as long as it's fair and balanced.

Ethan said...

Peter, the erroneous model of X against Y or vice versa is a very good observation, thanks.

Hattie, do you mind explaining what you mean by that? I see neither fascism nor a desire for fairness and balance either in the act or in what I've said about it.

Ethan said...

Hattie, keep in mind that when I say that I'm neither a right nor left winger, that there are positions in places other than between them.

Randal Graves said...

Excuse me, but we want all facets and members of society easily categorized, please choose right or left, thanks.


The Management

Ethan said...

Everybody on the right say yeah!

bonobo said...

When everything has to fit into a demsaregood rethugsarevil mold, you have to do a lot of awkward shoving and cramming.

I see the world in a demsareevil rethugsareevil mold, and no shoving or cramming is required. Occasionally I make the odd allowance for exceptions that prove the rule, usually on behalf of some libertarian.

That Digby is partisan isn't the problem. It's that she's dumbass with the political equivalent of relgion.

Ethan said...

I dunno, I kind of think the "demsarevil rethugsarevil" mold is by definition not partisan. Another thing I kind of think is that being partisan : being a dumbass with the political equivalent of religion :: chicken : egg.

You know what I mean?