Monday, June 14, 2010

pass it on

well, we've finally given up being coy and are ready to declare an unbound desire for afghan mineral deposits. hell, let's just consider them ours already. from linked article above:

"[State Department spokesman] Crowley downplayed questions about the potential for other countries to try to exploit Afghanistan's possible wealth and acknowledged that internal corruption could pose a problem...

'We're very mindful of the fact that around the world, you have a number of countries that are blessed with natural resources that may become a source of conflict and corruption,' Crowley said...

'We want to be sure that we have helped Afghanistan develop effective institutions of government so that it's able to develop its mining sector, that it's generating revenue that can be turned into greater prosperity and shared opportunity for the Afghan people,' he said."


Richard said...

"may become a source of conflict"


not if we have anything to say about it, right? right?

Ethan said...

I'm glad you posted on this because all I could muster on the subject was more disgust at Melissa McEwan, and, you know, I don't want to be that guy. Any more than I already am, I mean.

Richard, I'm not sure if "may," "become," or "a" is the funniest word in that sentence.