Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear liberals,

SHUT UP about Rand fucking Paul already. I mean, Christ, what's the big goddamn deal?


Jenny said...

I agree,but admit it: he's kind of a racist asshole.

Ethan said...

I honestly don't give two shits about the personality of my rulers. You know who has a far more effective racist assholey impact on the world? Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton. Tim Geithner. Robert Gates. Eric Holder. The Supreme Court. Sodexho-Marriott and their for-profit prisons. Halliburton. Blackwater. Should I go on?

Ethan said...

I admit my examples kind of fell apart and trailed off there towards the end. I'm tired and have a headache. You get my point, though?

Justin said...

I can pinpoint when I really lost interest in following the liberal blogosphere. It was 2006, the Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon. Libloggers were all refusing to comment, or saying they had nothing to say.

I'm nothing in this online writing world, but I wrote this post at the time. In that article, I linked to a quintessential Atrios post, in which he seconds another liblogger that they were not writing about Lebanon, because they wanted to focus their time on writing about stuff they could affect. As though libloggers don't write about a ton of important things they have no effect on, as well as meaningless bullshit they also can't effect. I guess The Editors time is better spent posting Airwolf clips. Keep in mind, this was just a few months putting together a timeline of the all important Cheney hunting incident.

These people will always write about trivial bullshit, it's part of the blogform.

Ethan said...

Wow, thanks for the link, Justin--that essay is great. As for the Atrios post, it's amazing how breathtaking the level of ignorance in such a short post can be.

I don't know if I'd go quite as far as you with the "always write about trivial bullshit"--digby, for example, does genuinely valuable work documenting the increasing use of devices like tasers to keep the rabble in line--but overall, yeah. Ugh.