Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Everyone stop trying!

For reasons not unrelated to what JR says about Greenwald, I don't feel that I have anything useful to say about the Israeli massacre of relief workers en route to Gaza. If only this same reservation would stop others from feeling the need to chime in on it, maybe we'd hear less about how, OK, maybe it's Israel's fault, but it's the malevolent dead folks' fault too, and about how wanting to help people who are being throttled to death is not "peaceful," and how when armed troops started boarding their ship if they really hadn't wanted to get shot they would have just stood around and waited for the men with guns to attack them, and how, yes, it is still mostly Israel's fault, but all in all it was just a "hawkish" "screw up." No big deal, really, unless it turns out, as it "possibly" will, that it was a war crime, whatever the fuck that is. It's really amazing that the shooting didn't start sooner! Way to go, IDF!

The last sentence, though, I can agree with:
Sometimes I think that Netanyahu would be better defender of Israel if he just stopped trying.
Because yes, in general if you stop "trying" to murder thousands of people for profit, you don't usually have to do much to defend yourself against them.


d.mantis said...

Thanks to you an JR for providing some much needed perspective.

A fun game I have come up with: look at the big stories and try to predict the most meely mouthed, repulsive, self important and utterly degenerate position you can. Then time yourself to see how long it takes you to find it in any blog on the Kos's roll.

For fucks sake! These toad-fuckers are supposed to be the alternative!

Ethan said...

The amazing thing about Israel is that at this point even the bloodthirstiest of liberals seem to be having some trouble defending them. I'm sure someone on Kos is doing it, but man, they have sunk far.