Monday, April 19, 2010


Apple needs to get out of the censorship game. Review apps for compatibility, but not content; it's OK if Apple will only market neutered, innocuous apps through their branded store, but not OK if they use their tech to restrict access and allow no other app outlets.
This is a serious enough danger that I've decided to put off any purchase of an iPad until I see some resolution of this problem. Unlock the apps.
Unlock the apps! This is so serious that I might not buy something yet!

UPDATE: Tristero is reliably hilarious. The gist: whoa, Apple is evil! But come on now, not buying an iPad? Why, that's sedition!


JRB said...

That, my friend, is serious business.

Johnny Sunshine Jackson said...

*rolls eyes*
PZ Myers, like Teabagger Joe Basel (Class of '08), makes me so proud of my Alma Mater.

Soj said...

Somewhere, Jim Bell too is resolutely shaking his fist at the sky and resolving to not buy an iPad until the apps are free :)

Unknown said...

I, too, have not bought an iPad. Take that, The Man! God, Revolution gets easier and easier every day, doesn't it?

Ethan said...

Rachel, I join you in solidarity in not buying an iPad. I ask all you others to join us as well--unless you are more cowardly than your words would reveal.