Monday, April 12, 2010


If you're interested in any of these things:

-guilt, both as an emotion and as a fact
-imperialism and its effect on both the colonized and the colonizer
-how the failings of the society express themselves as the failings of the individual
-privilege and the insecurity it breeds
-long stretches of silence

and you haven't seen Michael Haneke's brilliant Caché, I suggest you remedy that.


Richard said...

I strongly agree. Great film.

Unfortunately, his most recent, The White Ribbon, I thought was borderline awful. Where Caché is absorbing, interesting, thoughtful, the new one is banal, irritating, obvious.... sorry, just saw it last week for my birthday and am still annoyed I didn't select a different movie!

But, yeah, Caché, brilliant.

Jack Crow said...

Thx, E.

(Esp. since it stars the greatest living actress, ever. I mean, ever...)

Ethan said...

Richard--that disappointing news. I was planning on watching that one soon.

Jack--I thought about putting her on the list of "if you're interested in...", but she's not in it all that much compared to some of the other actors. She's very good in it, though. You know, shocker.

Ethan said...


Richard said...

ha! thanks!