Monday, October 25, 2010

They changed their plans to serve the president

Obama's gonna be at Buff and Johnnie's house tonight! Why, that's less than five miles from my house! Unfortunately, it's also $7500 to get in and touch the hem of his garment. I'd say I'd crash the party, but then I'd probably either get the FBI in my house or worse, so I'll be honest and admit I'm not doing anything of the sort, if only because I'm not creative enough to come up with a prank worth getting mowed down by the SS for.

The article I linked is a fluff piece about food, which is always preferable to the alternative, fluff pieces about politics. My favorite part is this:
Indeed, there isn’t much glamour harvesting apples at Dame Farm in Johnston or vegetables at one of the city gardens of the Southside Community Land Trust; or raising animals at Lily Rose Farm in Foster, or hand-crafting cheese or chocolate. But now each of these farmers and artisans can boast that their bounty fed a U.S. president.
Ha ha! Because growing boutique luxury food for the little people is such a trifle! Why would you want to do something so trivial as that? I cover food for the Providence Journal!

And then there's the reader comments on the article. For favorites, I'm wavering between this:
Enough of this, send him home hungry.
And this:
I am excited to be picking some herbs for him
Sadly, I think the second one is sincere.


Al Schumann said...

Speaking as someone who grows boutique food for the "little people", I feel compelled to answer the rhetorical question. They're much nicer and much more interesting than the smirking oafs who can plunk down 7,500 dollars a plate.

Ethan said...

I bet you just hurt Buff and Johnnie's feelings really bad.

Al Schumann said...

That would be so cool.

I suppose it goes without saying, but the only people who have ever tried to chisel me have been smirking 7,500 dollars per plate oafs. They're the very worst.

Ethan said...

Oh, trust me when I say I believe the shit out of you.

Al Schumann said...

I especially like the first response you highlighted.

"Enough of this, send him home hungry."

People who persistently defect from mutual benefit scenarios can't expect to be coddled and fussed over. People who make a point of destroying or chiseling mutual benefit must do without their free suppers. No one is saying the president should be hurt. He doesn't have to cooperate either. He can sit by the side of road, sulking and hungry, if that's his pleasure.

If this sensible, general understanding prevailed, the dictionary definition of president would have one of those colloq things: President, a defector from mutual benefit who sits by the side of the road sulking and hungry.

stras said...

God, I hate the Projo. But let's hate it while we still can! By the time the next Dem President stops by to rub elbows with the local party barons and plutocrats, all we'll have left to seethe at is Ed Pacheco's Twitter feed.

Ethan said...

Stras---ahahahaha, Ed Pacheco. Your link is one of the most heartening things I've ever seen from channel 12. I wonder if they broke out NewsChopper12 for that one. Are you from around here?

Al, I liked that definition so much that I had to change my pants.