Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CNN speaks a different language than I do

"No one" apparently means "Nobody white and affluent."

Oh, and if you peer deep into the lower left hand side of the picture above, you'll see yet another case where loads of foreigners died and nobody who reads CNN noticed.

(credit to the Baronette for that last one liner, which was actually way funnier when she said it)


Ethan said...

And, finally, who wouldn't love to see Dr. Gupta on toxic chemicals?

Randal Graves said...

Let that be a lesson to you, black women, wear blonde wigs. Get noticed!

Only time my town gets in the news, tragedy or shitty sports teams, heh.

And in answer to your question, definitely.

Jonathan Versen said...

Hey Ethan, how do you know he isn't? Just sayin.'

what the Tee Vee taught said...

Walking home (booze run) the other day — a few weeks ago, I suppose — I strolled past a church. The front door was open, I was a little drunk, so I walked in.

They, I'd say about 150 people, were watching Ben Stein's hilarious documentary, EXPELLED!!!!!!!!

I laughed, at some random point. A crowd of heads turned, angry... I ran away.

Ethan said...

I think Sanjay Gupta should wear a blonde wig while on toxic chemicals, now, actually.

Jonathan, if he is, they're some of the blandest toxic chemicals out there.

wtTVt--The very idea of strolling into a church is so abjectly terrifying to me that it took me a while to finish reading what you wrote. And then, Expelled??? Ahhhahahahahahaha. Glad you made it away safe.