Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I've been in a very particular mood recently

I listened to Cocteau Twins' Treasure twice in a row yesterday, and now this morning this sounds to me like the best song ever made:

Slowdive - Miranda

Though every other song on the album is also a strong contender for the title.


BDR said...

Great minds alike, etc: I posted some Violet Indiana this morning.

Ethan said...

And Madder Rose, too. Those are some bands I haven't thought about in a good many years.

JRB said...

Cocteau Twins are a favorite. Really like what you've posted as well.

Welcome back! A week without you is too long.

Ethan said...

What is this, some kind of potlach of compliments between you and me?

Anyway, thank you.

I love Cocteau Twins but almost never think to put them on--for some reason.