Friday, October 15, 2010

Cabin Fever

We're going off to a little place in the woods for the weekend with a group of other attractive twenty-somethings of our generation, so the blog may be a bit quiet and unresponsive for a bit. But go right ahead and yak at us if you want--assuming we don't get attacked by a knife-wielding maniac or shave our leg skin off, we'll be yakking back at you on Monday.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


Justin said...

I'll be on Angel Island. And if the Big One hits, I am psychologically prepared to take up cannibalism to survive.

Jack Crow said...


Anonymous said...

Cabin Flounder!

Have a good one Ethan.

JRB said...

Sounds nice!

When you get back, please help me track down ASP. She's gone MIA and I miss her a lot.

Ethan said...


Justin, I hope you engaged in a little of the big C just for funnin'.

JR, I've been thinking the same thing, but am not sure what to do. I'll be emailing her.