Thursday, September 2, 2010

In lieu of actual posting

I've actually posted this video before, but it's the best damn thing on all of youtube and possibly in the entire world, so I'm posting it again:

Just a startlingly powerful performance in every respect, filmed as perfectly as could ever be hoped for. The Ikette in the middle, incidentally, is P.P. Arnold (and please do click on that link, especially if the only version of "The First Cut Is the Deepest" you know is the shitty Rod Stewart one or, god forbid, the even shittier Sheryl Crow one).

Going to NYC real quick to see my brother's gallery opening, back early Friday if the hurricane doesn't decide to murder Rhode Island after all. I've got lots of stuff I want to write about so I hope it doesn't. The Baronette and I may also have some new music of our own to share soon.

UPDATE Contrary to what a "certain blogger" implies, I'm not a fucking moron; I know this is a lipsynch. Shockingly, the word "performance" can refer to more than just live noise-making. Also, in the future I will be sure to list every single deficiency in everything that moves me, just so that those who are infinitely smarter than me won't feel that they have to. In general, whenever I like something, I will make sure to shit on it. I apologize for all these failings in this post.

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Unknown said...

That's a great video Ethan, thanks for putting it up. Did you like James Brown?