Friday, September 10, 2010

Another picture

I imagine the woman in the lower right was just caught at an inopportune moment as her expression changed, and that this was actually like the happiest moment of her life, but to me it looks like she's having a far more appropriate reaction to encountering such a horrific beast:

I would probably flee in terror, too.

(I am, incidentally, working on a real post. I make no promises, however.)


Anonymous said...

Ethan, you were so very close in your entry's text.

"Horrible beast."

See, what's happening there is BarryO-no-barrio is copping a feel on Smiley's horrible breast, which is actually prosthetic given Smiley's successful war against breast cancer in 2006. Poor old BarryO thought he was getting himself a handful of meat, and he got a handful of closed-cell latex foam.

Smiley's face is tough to discern joy from shock, because she's both overjoyed to be touched indirectly by BarryO (she can feel his touch through the prosthetic breast) but shocked that he's a groper-feeler.

She thought higher of him.

Randal Graves said...

Bah, real posts are overrated. You can make an entire blog out of worthless crap, believe me, I know.

Lost in the holy fuck!ery of her obviously frightened visage is Hussein X. I can't help but think of those movie monsters that, after licking their chops, are ready to expand their jaws like an anaconda in order to swallow whole their prey.