Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rhode Island is back in my good graces

So, yeah, we still celebrate Nuke the Japs Day around here, but my city tried to take out Antonin Scalia the other day, you guys:
Justice Antonin Scalia is unhurt after he tripped getting into a car outside a restaurant on Federal Hill in Providence on Sunday.

A court spokeswoman said the justice is fine after the mishap.

The incident happened just after the Supreme Court justice had eaten at an Italian cafe.

Christopher Spertini, a restaurant worker, says he escorted Scalia to the door. A few moments later there was a commotion in a cobblestone plaza immediately outside.

Spertini says he was told that someone had fallen and that it turned out to be Scalia.

Scalia did not need medical assistance.
Ha ha! I hope it was this tacky place.

OK, he wasn't hurt or anything, which kind of ruins the fun. I'm sure Federal Hill could have tried harder, but I'm sure there was some residual Italian thug solidarity going on keeping it from going all out. Still: good job, streets of Providence!

UPDATE Some investigatory googling has revealed to me that it wasn't Zooma that Scalia was leaving when he had his brush with death, but rather Venda, which is actually a wonderful, wonderful place. Still funny, but less funny! Also, I may feel dirty next time I go in there.

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