Sunday, August 15, 2010

All the cool kids do it

So I need to make fun of Matt Yglesias too:
I don’t really have an opinion on whether genetically engineered sugar beets should be allowed. I do know that this whole thing would probably be irrelevant if we allowed Americans who want to buy sugar cane from Latin America do so freely. That would be a more delicious outcome as well as a more economically efficient one. And it would make Latin Americans more prosperous, giving them the income they need to buy goods and services from the United States."
First sentence: You don't? Really? Even in the wake of the whole rapeseed thing?

Second sentence: Or, maybe, it would be irrelevant if "we allowed" people to eat what was grown in the areas they live, despite the fact that maybe people wouldn't be able to eat as many strawberries in midwinter or whatever the fuck.

Third sentence: It really pisses me off how everyone on the internet writes in exactly the same way. Ha ha unexpected use of "delicious" as a modifier for something it wouldn't usually modify!

Fourth sentence: And why the fuck do Latin Americans need to buy goods and services from the United States? What is wrong with Latin American goods and services??? In case someone's gearing up to answer this question: I know. It's covered in sentence two.


almostinfamous said...

now look. matt needs a job just as much as anyone. just because he got the cushy job with the keyboard and the internet and the pajamas doesnt mean everyone can have one. not even in latin america. you gotta get over the jealousy and find a way to suck at the delicious teats of the powerful factions of empire.

do you need EVERYTHING explained? no wonder you keep him in the job

almostinfamous said...

er </sarcasm> in case you didnt know that

Ethan said...

Hah, don't worry, I got it.

Soj said...

I vote we all buy more genetically engineered stevia! :D

DPirate said...

What rapeseed thing?

Ethan said...

Soj, I want to modify my DNA to produce sugar instead of saliva. That would work best!

DPirate, this rapeseed thing. (Just the first link I found.)