Sunday, August 8, 2010


Meanwhile over on Hardball, Matthews had both David Gregory and Chuck Todd shaking their heads over why the Republicans would be doing this sort of thing. After all, they agreed, the Tea Party doesn't care about issues like gay rights or race or any of these unpleasant culture war issues --- they care about economics. So why on earth would the GOP think it's a good idea to talk about these divisive culture war issues at a time like this?

They really are clueless aren't they?
No, Digby, they're keeping you clueless. And it's funny, because they're doing it by being right--the GOP doesn't care about "culture war" issues--but doing it in a distracting way.


Alexander Trevi has a concept for a "conflict zoo." Interesting hypothetical for thinking about depressing shit.


Rob Payne writes well about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Tomorrow is Nuke the Japs Day in Rhode Island. I don't have it off, but I am getting time an a half! Thanks, Truman!


This is a picture of a rich old Newport lady. She's crazy looking. I don't have anything to say about her except for that.

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