Thursday, February 4, 2010


Tonight at 8:00 EST your friend and mine, John G. Miller, is hosting a "webinar" on Outstanding!, his recent book, which I am almost (but not quite) tempted to read. The link to register for the "webinar" (webgister) is on his blog. I'm going to be doing worthwhile things with my time (watching the season premier of LOST, which is waiting tantalizingly for me on my computer, and then probably exercising and reading about Pocahontas, if you're interested), but if you've got nothing better to do it might be hilarious (weblarious).


John G. Miller said...

Ethan, I just love your sense of humor. You take care now! John - The QBQ! Guy

Unknown said...

I notice you didn't respond on the actual QBQ post, John. Well, how about it? Do we have a hope of altering our circumstances, and if so, isn't "why is this happening to me?" the first step towards asking "so how the hell do I stop it?"

Breathlessly awaiting your condescending chuckling,


Ethan said...

Rachel, I'd love to see him respond directly to your observation, which I hope you don't mind me pasting in here for his convenience should he return:

"Miller believes that it's a given that we have no power to change our circumstances and there is no hope of ever doing so, so the only means by which we can attempt to retain our sanity is by purposefully blinding ourselves to that reality. He says we 'always choose our own response' but the unwritten part is that our response is the only part of our lives where our choices can have an impact. Quite the nihilist, really."

Incidentally, I find it quite flattering to know that my good friend John prepares himself for a busy evening of webinarin' by reading my blog.