Sunday, February 7, 2010

Going away, but don't panic: posting will continue!

I'm gonna be going away (nowhere exciting, for no exciting reason) this week. I'll be back late late late on Friday. My computer access is going to be extremely limited, so this is going to be a kind of semi-hiatus. The Baronette's gonna be around, but I don't know if she's gonna feel inclined to post anything (you never can tell with her).

I have a post written and scheduled for every day I'm gonna be gone, because I'm extraordinarily poised and prepared like that, but if you want to get into a discussion on any of them I won't be around until Saturday to take part in it. I promise I will when I get back, though, so definitely go ahead and leave comments should you feel the desire.

Also, I know you've all come to expect piercing commentary from me into current events in real time as they happen, but you'll just have to go without for a week.

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