Monday, August 31, 2009

My second favorite invention of the new millennium... Wikipedia.

(My first favorite is TV shows on DVD.)

I was reading about the band Love on there, and first of all came across this crazy fact: "Bryan MacLean died in Los Angeles of a massive heart attack at age 52 on December 25, 1998, while having dinner with a young fan who was researching a book about the band." Must have been insane for the dinner partner.

More importantly, I came across the hilarious pairing of article and image that we find here. In the event that someone makes the mistake of changing it, a description of it follows in hidden text so as not to spoil the surprise. Highlight (or maybe copy and paste) to read: it's an article about a Love tribute album but the image with the article is the cover of Toni Morrison's novel Love.

More funny: "By this stage, Love were far more popular in the UK, where the album reached #24, than in their home country, where it could only reach #154. Love, did, however, have a strong following in the U.S. at the time among cognoscenti of the cutting edge." Cognoscenti of the cutting edge. It cracks me up whenever Wikipedia suddenly bursts into exceptionally purple prose.

Then I was curious to see what Wikipedia had to say about purple prose, but then as I entered it into the search field I saw "Purple People Eater" suggested, and I had forgotten about that song, so I went there instead, where I learned that Thora Birch was in the 1988 movie named after it. How the hell old could she have been in 1988, I wondered, so I went to her page (she was six--she's my age!), where I learned, craziness: both of her parents were in Deep Throat. Her mother is Carol Connors. Weird!

And, for final hilarity, this sentence from the introduction to her article, emphasis mine: "Since the 1990s she has moved on to more mature roles, in films such as American Beauty (1999), Dungeons & Dragons (2000), and Ghost World (2001).

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