Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Enough, Pitchfork!

They're at it again. This time about Radiohead's Amnesiac:
The strains of paranoia that had run throughout Yorke's songs for a half-decade came most sharply into view on album closer, "Life in a Glasshouse", which oddly seems to predict the post-9/11 Bush administration's misguided warmongering (in Iraq), belief that patriotism is equated with obedience, and willingness to trade liberty if they believe it will bring security. The only song on Amnesiac recorded after the release of Kid A, it would also have been the only song recorded after the election of Bush, and with its stately, funereal New Orleans jazz arrangement it provides an earthy, traditional close to the forward-looking Kid A/Amnesiac.

You know, Pitchfork, it can't keep being so "odd" that all these people keep predicting the future. At this point you either have to conclude that precognition isn't unusual or they're not predicting the future at all, but rather describing the present. Doesn't take all that much of a leap to get there, and you don't need Occam's razor to tell you which one is true.

I guess I do have them to thank for the fact that I'm listening to the album now. So, uh, thanks? Of course, I listen to it anyway sometimes.

PS Radiohead is British.
PPS When is warmongering not "misguided"? I like the parenthetical "(in Iraq)". After all, if we call all of Bush's warmongering "misguided" that might imply that Obama's expansion of Af-Pak is something less than visionary hope and change!

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