Sunday, July 25, 2010

While we're young and almost free

Because not everyone manages to make it to side five of Sandinista! (even I have trouble sometimes, and I love, love, love that album, start to finish), here's "Lose This Skin" (not "Lose That Skin" like the video says) by The Clash, crazy vocals and crazy fiddle by Tymon Dogg.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!

I think there's only one track on Sandinista I don't like -- the version of Career Opportunities with a kids' choir singing it.

almostinfamous said...

is this like a joint for sandinista lovers or what?

i dont even mind the children's choir - it adds a nice bit of wtf to an already way wtf album!

Ethan said...

Wow, I always thought my unconditional love of Sandinista! made me a weirdo, but I guess not.

I'm gonna have to side with almostinfamous on the the "Career Opportunities" controversy. CFO, you have to at least admit that, if they were going to redo one of their songs with children singing, that was the clever one to go with, right?

Anonymous said...

With the full crush of 30 years passing (right?) since Sandinista was released, I have to confess: now, at my present age, I find some serious humor in children singing "Career Opportunities," I think the strategy is very funny... like they're singing about the opportunities they'll never have when it comes time to work.

But my earlier comment really reflected how I felt about the album when I listened to it as a new thing, and I didn't get the point of the kids' choir singing that song. I was young, I was naive, I had a less subtle appreciation for social struggle. Worst of all, back then... I was... a Republican! A regular Alex P. Keaton, I was!

Ethan said...

I think you spelled "rethuglican" rong.