Tuesday, July 20, 2010




Dan said...

So...first you (and Becky [who still has a lot to answer for!]) force me to wade through PZ Myers' website and now you make me check out weeks worth of Conniving and Sinister.

Also, taking inspiration from your "WORKING THROUGH (your) MUSIC COLLECTION IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER" sidebar exposed me to Tori Amos last week.

You're just lucky I have a masochistic streak, you.

Ethan said...

Are you really trying to blame me for the presence of Tori Amos in your collection? Really now, I think we both know who's to blame for that: Tori Amos.

In general I find "Conniving and Sinister" a bit simple-minded and grating (and aesthetically repellent), but generally unobjectionable as far as it goes; this one made me barf. In case you couldn't tell.

Dan said...

In fairness to...well, Tori Amos, I guess, I was only exposed to the record cover. There are some lines I won't cross.

Something curious I noticed about this one, is that "Biracial Queerbait" is now "Gay Dude." Anyway, for pure hilarity, I prefer the ouevre of Cox and Forkum.