Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marry me

So, whatever, until just now I would have said that Dark Knight cosplay is silly and was well overdone by May of 2009, but that was before I learned that this wonderful man dressed up like The Joker on the tenth of that month* and burned down his high school "because it is run by hypocrites and [he] didn't like the way they treated [his] friends."

My god, I think I'm in love. OK, there's an age difference of about a decade, and an ocean in between us, and I hear he's in some legal trouble, and I'll be wanting to talk the costume-thing out of him (or vice versa), and I'm guessing he's probably a bit more lady-oriented than I would prefer, but I think we can make it work.

A million euros of damage. "I am glad I did it because the people will realise they can't treat students as sub-human." I'm swooning here.

In all seriousness, if they take away his life (in terms of imprisonment, that is) because of this, which it looks like they might not thank god, it will be such an immense waste of such immense promise.

*He missed my birthday by three days, but I'm sure he had a good reason for that.

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Bolo said...

Nice. I got through high school through luck--I was very smart and well behaved, very big (large frame, not fat), and basically too immature to even recognize taunting when it occasionally came my way. That combination saw me through what could have been 4 years of hell.

But I see what other kids have to put up with (reading the news, etc.) and I see what my much younger brother has to put up with, and I can't help but applaud this kid. There are a lot of good teachers and administrators out there, but for every good one there's at least one bad one. And the bad ones are real bastards. Kids have no way to effectively fight back.

(PS: My brother went to an elementary school where the staff enabled bullies and blamed the victims. On top of that, if the teacher was wrong and he called them out on it, he would get detention. Sigh...)

Ethan said...

if the teacher was wrong and he called them out on it, he would get detention

Something similar happened to me when a science teacher taught my class that gravity is caused by the rotation of the Earth. Or when I asked my English teacher if we had to do our term paper research with the methods she was teaching us, even though they didn't work well for me.

High school is like an assembly line, except that even car parts don't constantly have their faces shoved into the mud.