Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What in the...

If anyone can explain to me what the devil John G. Miller is on about, you will win the prize of me eventually actually writing another QBQ post.

Much of my confusion stems from the fact that, to my understanding, the whole concept of the QBQ would be in opposition to the act of giving a homeless man food. He has to take personal accountability for his hunger!


Bruce said...

Integrity means ... it is okay to be a prick as long as you tell a story about being a prick ten years later.

Salty said...

Mr. Miller was confronted by the fact that two value systems, to which he subscribes, conflicted, and he didn't know which one took priority; he froze.

This tells us that Mr. Miller is almost able to recognize the conflict in values but not able to act on it. His daughter lacks such bullshit delusions and thought her father acted poorly.

Final score:
Dad: 0
Daughter: 1
Homeless Guy: They haven't invented a number that low.

thebaronette said...

This is just a test, but I might as well use the space to say something relevant:

His daughter hopefully learned her lesson. And that lesson is don't cramp daddy's style.

Ethan said...

Hmm...Salty's explanation is the most exhaustive, but on reflection I think a combination of the three is the most accurate. You all win! Maybe I'll write another QBQ post before I die of old age. Congratulations!