Saturday, May 22, 2010


I continue to find myself completely unable to think about the oil spill.

I can't find a link to it right now (if I do I'll update), but my father was telling me the other day about plans to essentially blow up the Finger Lakes in New York (which my family is deeply tied to and which have a hugely significant place in my own personal history) to squeeze a little oil out of them.

On some fundamental level, it seems we really don't want a world to live in.


Bolo said...

Well, it seems Rhode Island isn't the only location we have in common. I went to college in the Finger Lakes region--they better not blow it up... Any links to these plans? I'd be curious to read them.

Ethan said...

If you even say Hobart & William Smith I'll accuse you of being my parents. BOTH OF THEM.

Still no link, I'll continue to look, and also ask my father tomorrow.

Ethan said...

Best links I could find were about local actions against the plans, like this.

Bolo said...

Nope, not Hobart and William Smith. About 40 miles away--I went to Cornell in Ithaca for 5 years. Love the upstate area.

Richard said...

Check out the map and comments here.

Ethan said...

Bolo: Love it too.

Richard: Jesus fucking Christ.