Tuesday, March 30, 2010


OK, people, so one of the reasons I like living in Rhode Island so much is that WE DON'T HAVE NATURAL DISASTERS.


Sure, as natural disasters go, this one isn't all that bad, but I mean really. They're evacuating neighborhoods adjacent to mine.

And worst of all:


If I could get some sympathy about this from four or five people I've never met in person, I'd really appreciate it.


Bolo said...

You have my sympathy! I grew up in Warwick and don't remember anything like this happening. We had a few big snowstorms and one or two really weak hurricanes/tropical storms, but 10 inches of rain and neighborhood evacuations?

The basement in my parents' old house would have flooded by now--guaranteed. And we lived near the top of a hill.

Jack Crow said...

You have mine, as well. I'm a fellow New Englander, and I get it, exactly.

I like bragging about next to no poisonous critters, poisonous religious zealots, or terrible storms.

Then corporate earth had to go burn away the climate, and voici, voila...

...if it ain't ice and ruined forests, it's rain and ruined roads.

Ethan said...

Bolo, I forgot you were a Rhode Islander. This is crazy, right?? I mean, take a look at Cranston, for pete's sake: this is the second time they're having catastrophic flooding in a week.

Jack Crow, I like that you mentioned the lack of venomous beasts, because I always brag about the possibly-true fact that Rhode Island is the only state in the country with no native poisonous snakes at all.

Thanks for the sympathies. KEEP EM COMIN'!

almostinfamous said...

my sympathies as well - however, i hope you are not so perturbed as to not enjoy some light humour.


Quin said...

SYMPATHIES! Flooded basements, hate 'em.

JRB said...

If it's any consolation, it rains into my third story. But that at least gets absorbed by the wood construction, something most of us don't have in our basements.

Expect the best possible outcome -- that's what I do.

Ethan said...

I should ask for sympathy more often!

Johnny Sunshine Jackson said...

I also feel sympathy.

Ethan said...

Thanks. And look at that--I've beaten my "four or five people" goal! Thanks, everyone!

An update for those what want it: the water is sitting in my basement while I await the service my landlord (who has been a goddamn saint through this) called in to get rid of it. The company is of course way way way backed up, but assure us they'll get here either today or tomorrow. Until then there's very little to do.

Everything of particular value (particularly the Baronette's collection of musical equipment and a few pieces of my own) was rescued in time, luckily. The furnace is most likely undamaged, though we have the heat off for now just in case. Hot water is out, because the flood water reached the pilot light. No idea if that heater has any permanent damage or not.

The most amazing thing to me is seeing the reflection of the water on the basement wall as you look down the stairs, it looks just like the walls of an indoor swimming pool.