Saturday, March 27, 2010


What we just witnessed with health care reform was the reflection of a disagreement among factions of the ownership class as to how to pay for the health care of workers and consumers.
The rest. It deals primarily with explaining the psychology of lesser-evilism, and how this psychology breaks down when set against the real world. Very good.

The reason I single this sentence out to quote is that I would like to point out Justin's cleverness in using that word "reflection." Because we didn't see the "disagreement among factions"--we saw its distorted mirror image in the form of "the public option" and "death panels" and "It's a baby killer!" (possibly the most hilarious sentence ever uttered since the birth of language) and so on. The actual disagreement itself, while easy to infer if you have your eyes open, took place out of sight of the rubes.

Also, if you haven't seen it (I had missed it somehow) check out the comment thread at IOZ that he links to for some excellent performances by a democrathusiast on one side, and Justin and the always-delightful Rachel on the other. The democrat's sputtering incoherencies in response to Rachel's mention of Gingrich are a sight to see, as is the speed with which a liberal's fundamental misogyny is brought to bear on her.


Jenny said...

Keep in mind however, he also posted this:

Unless it was extremely subtle sarcasm.

Ethan said...

Jenny, as you see it, what is the purpose of your existence?

Richard said...

Best response to a Jenny comment ever.

Richard said...

also that IOZ thread is something else

Justin said...

Oh yeah, I meant to thank you for the thumbs up.

Jenny, that post is a continuation of two propositions that I make on my blog: in our political system, the top is mostly free to ignore or steamroll the bottom without consequence. The threat of violence or unrest from below is far more effective at moving them to action as compared to more civil protests/activities (writing letters, blogs, going to a protest, etc.) However, as I usually say when bringing this up but did not in that post, I do not get myself killed/beaten nor would I ask others to. It is not a recommendation for people to start packing heat and throwing rocks through windows, more as a bitter observation at the efficacy of those actions as compared to others.

I may be completely fucked with this perception.