Monday, March 15, 2010

Bjork asks the Question Behind the Question

I can decide what I give
But it's not up to me what I get given
Unthinkable surprises
About to happen
But what they are

It's not up to you
Well it never really was
It's not up to you
Oh it never really was

-Björk, "It's Not Up to You"
Of course, Björk is encouraging us (and herself) to see the beauty in chaos, to welcome it into our lives and be delighted by where it takes us. John G. Miller, on the other hand, is the voice of Power and therefore of order and rigidity; in his ideal world, everything that is out of our control is in the control of our superiors, and we have no option but to acquiesce to it. Beauty, of course, is right out.

I promise that there will be further QBQ posting soon. I know I've said this before. Chapter Nine is about procrastination, and by procrastinating this long in writing it I'm trying to appease John G. Miller, to make him think he's right. Then I'll show him!!!


Bruce said...

I have recently stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed the QBQ posts immensely. Please know that you are up to 5 readers - along with the occasional Mr. Miller.

Ethan said...

Thank you! Glad to hear it.