Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My city in the snow

Beautiful. No shots of my part of town, sadly, but those buses are a big part of my life. 1:59 to about 3:03 I hope conveys a bit why I don't mind being a bus person, even in the cold, even when I complain about it.



RJMeyers said...

Just started reading your blog about two weeks ago and I didn't know you lived in Providence. I grew up in Warwick and plan to move back to the East coast sometime before the summer.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the QBQ posts, btw.

Ethan said...

Wow, small world (or something). I notice you say you're moving back to "the east coast" and not "Rhode Island". The best damn state in the country--nay, in the world--not good enough for you?!?!?!

I gotta get my QBQ act together. Hopefully a new one tonight.

RJMeyers said...

Well, we may end up in RI. It really just depends on where my wife and I can find jobs. We're really thinking of Boston right now, but I wouldn't mind Providence or somewhere nearby either. Hoping to avoid NYC though (too expensive, too hectic)!