Tuesday, September 8, 2009

False dichotomy

Technorati just sent me an email (I must have signed up with them at some point and forgotten about it) about a blogging survey they were conducting, and I was bored, so I took it. By and large what you'd expect: how often do you blog, what do you blog about, brands, brands, brands, products, selling things, brands, products, a little bit of politics, etc. As usual I didn't know how to answer questions on a scale of "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree" because the questions were orthogonal to my concerns, and so on.

Then towards the end it asked about personal things, and it did that thing that always pisses me off where it asked for gender and supplied only the options "male" and "female." Not only were there no other specific options, but there was no "other," and not even a "do not wish to reply." If you wanted to finish the survey, you had to define yourself as male or female.

This is retarded whenever it's done, because, duhh, not everyone defines themselves as one or the other (I'm bland enough that I do, but not everyone is so boring/lucky), and it's particularly upsetting on a survey about blogging, because a) alternative culture, b) lots of tranny blogging out there, c) ENTER THE MODERN WORLD, people. It's OK not to be rigidly male or female.


Jonathan Versen said...

oh, THAT ethan. Now I feel silly.

Ethan said...

No, I feel silly, I thought my Enders Game comment was more clearly goofy than it was. Sorry.

I am curious as to what makes you familiar with little ol' me. Just my other comments on ATR? Have I commented at Dead Horse? I always mean to and then don't, but maybe I did.