Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Temporary retreat into music

There's a lot going on right now that I want to talk about, but for the moment I'm just blown away by the extent to which I was listening to all the wrong indie rock ten years ago.

Here's two songs from Blonde Redhead's 2000 EP, Mélodie citronique, which I've just picked up. The EP featured two reworkings of songs from their then-current album Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons, one of them translating the lyrics into French, the other into Italian. Both are fantastic. The Italian one, "Odiata per le sue virtù," in particular reminded me of how much I fucking love Italian as a language.

The first song I'm posting is "Chi è e non è" (which means "Who Is and Isn't"). I don't think it's just the Italian (which, again, what a great language) that's making me hear a Lucio Battisti influence here.

Then I was surprised to hear a cover of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin's "La chanson de slogan," here just titled "Slogan." As if it weren't delightful enough already, the last minute and a half transforms into a dub-by-way-of-krautrock duet for percussion and wordless vocals that blows me away before ending precipitously.


Justin said...

A friend of mine asked me to post a music of 2010 post, which I am mulling. Since it was requested, I feel like I should do it. On the other hand, I am not sure why I should do it since my musical taste is not very sophisticated/interesting. I'm mainstream/predictable in what I listen to. If I did it, the only rule I'd have is that I would not restrict myself to releases that came out in 2010, but it would be the music I was into during 2010. Such a ridiculous concept and way too navel gazing for me to think I actually want to write a post like that, however, you do have interesting/eclectic tastes, and you would be doing your readership a service by compiling such a post. My tastes are confined easy to find interesting music because I am a lazy man and don't feel like putting effort into landing hard to find interesting music. You clearly do put that effort into it, do share.

Ethan said...

Aw, thanks Justin. I think we've talked about how silly a construct "taste" is, so knock it off! I do think I might write something about the music I've heard from this year, because there has been a surprising bunch of stuff I've liked a lot.

Randal Graves said...

What's wrong with navel gazing? Heh.

The more music posts, the merrier, however they're constructed, so I'm hoping you both post something.

Re: indie rock. Ten years ago, I was mostly all about various permutations of metal (and the occasional neo-folky gig), so a lot of this stuff, even those in/approaching the 'canon' are new to me. Fresh discoveries are always nice, as are these tracks. I dig this.

Speaking of tunes, Ethan, you have anything new cooked up?

Ethan said...

Hah, don't know how accurate it is to call most of what I make "tunes," but I have been working on some stuff, both alone and with the Baronette. Nothing quite presentable yet, but probably soon. Thanks for asking!