Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not retreating, still mocking liberals

I have mixed feelings about a lot of different aspects of this, but there are two key points. One is that the leaker here (presumably Bradley Manning, but that’s not yet been proven in a court of law) has broken the law and needs to be punished.
Listen, you utter piece of shit: Bradley Manning has not been tried, and he doesn't need to be punished--he is being punished. Not just that--he is being tortured.

Even someone with the twisted, authoritarian point of view required to be an establishment liberal, even someone as painstakingly idiotic as fucking Matt Yglesias, should have a goddamn big problem with that.


Jack Crow said...

I will not type out what I think should be done to Matthew Yglesias.

I will not type out what I think should be done to Matthew Yglesias.

I will not type out what I think should be done to Matthew Yglesias.

davidly said...

I have heretofore observed him only peripherally and with indifference. Now I can't help but think that he and his must be the lowest form on Earth. Perhaps he dwells in arsenic.

Justin said...

I wish he would have cited another purpose of arresting and imprisoning convicted criminals, not deterrence, nor restoration of damages to the victim (although that would be my second fave in this context), but rehabilitation. If Yglesias had said, "the leaker here has broken the law and needs to be rehabilitated." it would have been an all-timer.

Peter Ward said...

He broke the law? Didn't Jews break the law by being Jewish and alive in Nazi Germany? Is it possible the law is wrong once and a while? ... Obviously I'm just a crazy anarchist-hipster.

miguel said...

must be the lowest form on Earth.

Obviously you haven't read Krauthammer on this. I'd link but it's just bad for the soul to even go near it.

I love the phrase 'painstakingly idiotic' for Matty.

ms_xeno said...

There are hordes of mini-Matts around here. The only difference is that they babble his kind of crap for free and he gets paid for it.

C-Nihilist said...

'painstakingly idiotic' is indeed gold.

also, thanks for the link. doing some technical changes, so the site is down at the moment. when/if it ever comes back, the Bradley Manning post will be here:

with apologies.

Ethan said...

Admirable restraint, Jack.

davidly, the comparison to the arsenic lifeforms is especially apt considering that a bunch of people are saying that, like Yglesias, that announcement was an empty publicity stunt.

Justin, holy shit--you have a truly evil imagination.

Peter, your comment reminds me of how funny it is that a lot of the libs who found the Goldberg "liberal fascism" thing hilariously illogical frequently accuse conservatives of being simultaneously fascists and anarchists, which is just exponentially more absurd.

miguel, thanks! I'm not anywhere near brave enough for Krauthammer. As has been mentioned before round these parts, BDR is 100% right in labeling him "world's shittiest person."

ms_xeno, we have them here, too. They are, of course, the reason people like Yglesias get paid. His job is to keep people thinking like him.

Montag, I didn't like the sound of that "if" but I just checked and the link seems to be taking me to a handsomely redesigned version of your site. Is all well?

Randal Graves said...

Methinks Mr. Matt is a student of the mutant philosophy of Reverend Lovejoy.

"Once something has been approved by the government, it's no longer immoral."