Wednesday, December 15, 2010

News from the corporate world #6: You don't need a raise to take on more work

Spotted on a coworker's desk:

I would say that I would take this book on once I finish the QBQ!, but a) who am I kidding, at the rate I'm going I'll never finish the QBQ! and b) I'm not likely to enter the "leadership program" (seriously) my coworker is reading this for, so I'd probably have to pay for the book to get my hands on it.

Unless--holy jesus, libraries stock this evil shit. Well, we'll see.


Randal Graves said...

We don't carry that, but we've got about 796 quadrillion permutations of Six Sigma crap, which I'm told is some MBA-ish Super Business Man shtick.

¯\(°_0)/¯ said...

If this link works, this is the catalog entry for the book in the MOBIUS catalog. MOBIUS is a consortium of academic libraries in Missouri.

Rachel said...

At first glance, the star on the back of the chair looked like a bullet hole. I like the cover better that way.

Ethan said...

I found it on HELIN, the Rhode Island academic libraries thing. As someone would say, good thing I have access to a university library's stacks. Or, actually, not really good thing.

Rachel, hah! I like it better already.