Friday, January 15, 2010


The other night on NBC Nightly News Ann Curry told me that survivors of the earthquake are using piles of bodies as blockades to "protest the slow arrival of aid." This, aside from being a horrific image and a task I deeply hope to avoid ever having to perform in my life, plainly makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. No one at all who is upset about supplies getting to them too slowly would block roads. It seems more likely that what is being protested--and, you know, what is actually being blocked--is what comes with the aid.
Mind you, I know absolutely nothing about this. And it was just a passing comment in one of those uesless "things are awful, things are awful, provide no context, things are awful, end on a hopeful note, preferably with a child" reports that TV news outlets love so much. So maybe somewhere outside the airtight confines of Ann Curry's mind (inside of which I imagine there is very little aside from a few slowly settling particles of dust), some sort of reality related to what she said, but different from my surmise, exists. Who knows.
Brian Williams, for his part, had the shameless audacity to say that, "luckily," the police were able to keep the hoardes of people desperate for food and medical attention out of the airport to keep him and the other reporters safe. Lord, let an aftershock get them and no one else.

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