Friday, January 22, 2010

Belated, as usual

So I knew that Martha Coakley was not someone I particularly cared to see in office (who is?), but I didn't realize until today that she's the nasty piece of work who made her name by first winning a conviction in the Louise Woodward au pair case and then hounding a bunch of almost-definitely-innocent people into jail, where many of them still are, on trumped up child molestation charges. More cases of "protect the children" being used to utterly destroy lives, all for Coakley's personal gain and the American public's sick entertainment.

Knowing this, all the liberal panic* over her loss is even more hilarious. This election, we're being told, is going to usher in fascism in America! As if, a, we didn't have it already, and, b, Coakley herself weren't at least as much a fascist as Brown! Are you kidding me?

In other news, the Supreme Court said corporations can buy elections now. This is apparently new.

*Note also the weirdly unnecessary casual transphobia. Tristero, always a winner.


Unknown said...

Glenn Greenwald's writing on the SC decision is worth a read:

And some of the people I know at work refused to vote for Coakley specifically because of the Amirault decision. (I just refused to vote.)

Ethan said...

Your coworkers sound more enlightened than most people I've worked with, most of whom think that, when it comes to child abuse (and a lot of other things, for that matter), accusation equals proof and that the trial only exists for their moralizing entertainment. Which, you know, is the way our legal system works a lot of the time.

Speaking of which, thanks for the Greenwald link. Though I've never understood the reverence for the "rule of law" (see above and also the fact that our laws have been made by and for rich white fucks from the start), it's interesting stuff. I like his pointing out of the hypocrisy of the screeching liberals who are ready to give up their devotion to the Constitution because it has now produced a result they don't like.