Monday, May 10, 2010


Melissa McEwan wants you to write to Lipton to thank them for, um, advertising Lipton.


Jack Crow said...

Am I reading it wrong, or are the digital feminist gathering spots rife with essentialism?

Growing up, reading with Sisterhood sisters who didn't flinch from class, economics and broad critique may have prejudiced me in favor of firebrand feminists who weren't content to have gender proportional representation in militarized academia, corporate america, the military and the state.

Their entire modus operandi was anti-colonial, anti-imperial and anti-patriarchy.

Now, it seems, "prominent" feminists have bought into the Shakescult style of wagon circling and ideological testing...

Ethan said...

Jack, all I can say is you ain't reading it wrong.

Jack Crow said...

That's just heart breaking. I understand better now what you were talking about a while back when you linked in the savaging of transgendered persons.

Most of the Sisters I knew growing up were openly marxist, anarchist or socialist - and this was when being any combination of not Christian, straight and White was opening oneself up to real violence and no chance of help.

What happened?