Friday, November 21, 2008

Because I can't say this to the people I'm overhearing talking about it right now

If your employer only allows two sick days a year, and then you change jobs and your new employer allows a week, it doesn't mean your new employer is generous. It means your old employer was even more horrifically dehumanizing than your new one. You may be relatively lucky and better off, but you are neither in an absolute sense.

Also, while company policy may be that people using more than their allotted sick time will be fired, this does not mean that those using more than their allotted sick time, or their supervisors who try to circumvent policy and keep them working, are in the wrong. It means company policy is in the wrong.

Finally, referring to your previous job as your "former life" should be the only crime punishable by death.


Beth said...

Oh, I hate the 'former life' comment...I always have a brief moment of confustion where I really think that the person believes in reincarnation.

Ethan said...

I think that belief in reincarnation, despite its fairly epic rejection of reality, is far less ridiculous than belief that your job is your life. Especially if you work in FUCKING PAYROLL.