Sunday, June 12, 2011

Woo hoo!

(photo by The Baronette)

We vacuumed today, and not only did Boorman not hide right away, he also came out of hiding pretty much the instant we put the vacuum away. Now he's taking a nap with the Baronette. Last night we were watching a movie and he curled up in an unbelievably tiny space between us and slept happily. He loves it here.

In other news, anybody who uses Blogger--have you been getting "Service unavailable" 503 errors every five seconds for the past several weeks? Cuz I have.


BDR said...

Yes on Boorman!

Yes on Blooger (and Firefox and Windows 7 have been skeevy too).

Randal Graves said...

Soon, he's going to be completely running the place.

I've noticed more across-the-board lunacy since I "updated" to Firefox 4.

Ethan said...

If Boorman wants to run the place, bless 'im.

So you've both had Firefox problems, too, huh? I've actually had a theory that Google's deliberately putting code in its, uh, products, that it knows will break Firefox so that people would be convinced to switch to Chrome. Course, that doesn't mean Firefox can't turn to suck on it's own terms....