Thursday, June 23, 2011


"you are not limited to one room - there are many rooms." - angus maclise from Astral Collapse

what angus maclise gave form to – in sound, in symbols, in living – is a departure. it stands outside in its strangeness, full of reflective creation. i know so little of what he did, but what i have been exposed to makes me happy. it’s a lens for me - one of many i’ve happened across recently, all important nonetheless. to me, it doesn’t impose a mode of life. it suggests one with many faces. like a diamond, residing among others, in the many rooms of being.

for those of you who don’t know of maclise, check out this blastitude article on him.

related - i only just came across the equally wonderful hetty maclise's old site. only skimmed it, but thought i'd pass it along:


Richard said...

This raises the very important question: when I was at my mom's recently, retrieving some of the CDs from my stash I keep in storage there, did I take my Maclise CDs? Alas, no, I did not.

But neither did I see them when I was rifling through the Ms. Which leads me to wonder where the hell they might be. Gah, dammit.

thebaronette said...

ah, no!!

any chance your mom had some accidental exposure to Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda and secreted it away for herself?

if she mysteriously has a tambora now, i'd be suspicious...