Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today's discoveries

1. Boorman does not like Don Cherry.

(I listened anyway. By the way, Youtube tells you that that song is by him with Krzysztof Penderecki; actually the album it's on has the same group--featuring Peter Brötzmann and other free jazz big-names--led by Cherry on one side and Penderecki on the other. Both sides are excellent, and I'm sorry this video cuts the track off at the fifteen minute mark.)

2. Boorman loves corks.

The Baronette has been playing fetch with him for about half an hour now--she throws the cork, his tail bushes up and he goes flying after it, bites it, runs back for more. Wonderful! We were afraid because we vacuumed for the first time since we brought him home--oh my god much needed--and we thought he'd be freaked out for a long time after, but less than half an hour later he came out from hiding and wanted to play. He's come such a long way in the not-four-weeks-yet he's been here.


Randal Graves said...

Most hockey fans don't like Don Cherry. Oh, you mean the other one.

Even when he's *really* used to you guys and the place, the vacuum will have him scrambling, but watch that 30 minutes get whittled down to pretty much nothing.

A cork, we'll have to try that!

Ethan said...

Hah, I'd never heard of the Don Cherry you're talking about, but wikipedia assumes anyone searching for the name wants him. The jerks.

davidly said...

There's also the Don Cherry who sang "Band of Gold". Maybe Boorman 'd like that.

Ethan said...

Until you said that the only "Band of Gold" I knew was Freda Payne's. All these Don Cherries I've never heard of! Just checked it out on youtube and the best I can say is that it didn't particularly disturb Boorman's sleep.