Sunday, May 29, 2011

Current events

At some point in the past few months, I lost all ability to keep up with and form thoughts on current events, so if somebody could please tell me what I need to know about and how I should feel about
a) Spain
b) Egypt and Gaza
I would be very grateful. I mean, both things seem exciting, right?


Coldtype said...

All of these uprisings of course have at their source popular resistance to predatory capitalism in its present most virulent form: Neoliberalism.

The elite response to the financial crisis has been to transfer its cost to the population at large and where this has most acutely manifested itself is in the cost of fuel and thus food. Nothing motivates like an empty stomach so inhibitions and fear amongst the rabble to challenge the established order is dissipating around the world.

drip said...

My smart friend Jim told me "you already know everything that's going on." So do you.

JM said...

elites tried to hijack the Egyptian revolution:
But seem to have failed thankfully

David K Wayne said...

Re: Egypt -
My roundabout way of saying "I dunno", from February:

Christopher M. said...

Assuming that by "Egypt and Gaza" you mean the (partial) opening of the Rafah crossing, there's a couple decent pieces here and here about what this does and doesn't mean for Palestinians.

(Usual concession about links to Mondoweiss and how Philip Weiss is a startlingly credulous person)

Ethan said...

Sorry for late response--thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

a) Failing to follow the Fed

b) Failing to follow the Fed

That's my shorthand. Translated:

a) and b) alike:

Not sufficiently capitalistic, materialistic, warlike, grasping beyond borders.

They are having trouble because they are letting The Little People be heard. One must silence those who talk of levelled playing fields, egalitarian societies, and equal opportunity. When one allows such sentiments to be voiced publicly, one weakens the Pillars of Power.