Tuesday, September 13, 2011

RIP Jordan Belson

I want to post an obit for him, but I have no words and I have next to no video. This youtube video edits down his "Samadhi" and accompanies it with the (pretty interesting) music that is the video poster's main purpose--it gives you a hint of what Belson was capable of, but not enough. Here is his "Epilogue," his latest work that I'm aware of, which, incredibly beautiful as it is, is not his best work. Watch it and remember that it's not his best work.

He was a great artist and he's dead now. If you can find more of his work (there is an excellent five movie disc that is worth whatever extremely high price you can find it for), try to encounter it.


CVM said...

Belson signed a statement asking that his films not be posted online. Lo res copies do not do justice to his work.

Consider helping with the project to put some authorized, high quality video clips of his work online:

Jonathan Versen said...

Wow, both of them are already yanked.

Ethan said...

Sorry for the late replies--been away from the computer.

CVM--thank you for that link!

JV--aw geez.

Haha and I guess that's all I have to say....